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Shortlink Panel


  • Shortlink Panel is an app that you can setup your domain and track the click counts.
  • It tracks the logs for the shortlinks that you created.
  • NOTE! To use @reactivers/shortlink you don't need to register to the Panel.
    • You can start to use it now from here

Getting Started

Sign Up

  • You need to sign up to Shortlink
  • You can sign up via Google or Facebook. Or you can create a new account.

Create First Application

  • Click on the New button under Unverified Domains.
  • Fill the form
    • Enter your domain
  • Then click on the Save button.
  • To verify your domain you need to follow the instructions
  • Click the application in the list.
  • You can see the shortlinks that already created.
  • You can edit the name and description fields by clicking on the Edit button.