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  • PDF endpoint convers websites to PDFs
  • You can see the original docs from here




interface PuppeteerService extends PDFOptions{
    download?: boolean; // Default is false. If sets as true it downloads the file
    fileName?: string; // Default value is the url
    url: string;

// Supported parameters
interface PDFOptions {
    displayHeaderFooter?: boolean; // Whether to show the header and footer.,
    footerTemplate?: string; // HTML template for the print footer
    headerTemplate?: string; // HTML template for the print header
    format?: PaperFormat; // Default value is a4
    height?: number;
    width?: number
    scale?: number
    preferCSSPageSize?: // Give any CSS @page size declared in the page priority over what is declared in the width or height or format option.
    pageRanges?: string; // Paper ranges to print, e.g. 1-5, 8, 11-13.
    landscape?: boolean // Whether to print in landscape orientation.,
    omitBackground?: boolean // Hides default white background and allows generating pdfs with transparency.,
    printBackground?: booelan //Set to true to print background graphics.

declare type PaperFormat = 'letter' | 'legal' | 'tabloid' | 'ledger' | 'a0' | 'a1' | 'a2' | 'a3' | 'a4' | 'a5' | 'a6';